ARchemy is a 3D augmented reality (AR) tool that will help students understand chemical interactions by using tactile AR markers to simulate molecular bonds in a 3D digital environment.

Why ARchemy?

Visualizing molecular conformations and chemical transformations in 3D is one of the most difficult tasks for students. Modern computational technologies have revolutionized every aspect of our lives, including education. As a result, we are working on enhancing students’ learning and improving construction of knowledge by employing technologies that better illustrate theoretical concepts, such as the visualization of molecular geometry in chemistry.

To aid students in understanding molecular structures and chemical reaction mechanisms at the molecular level, we initially developed several 3D animations of fundamental chemical transformations aimed at organic chemistry courses followed by 3D Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality tools.

These techniques enhance students’ interest and motivation while illustrating concepts that may be difficult to explain using traditional methods. Furthermore, digital educational 3D techniques provide another modality to actively engage the learner.

Areas of Focus

1. 3D modeling

After storyboarding of a chemical interaction, we use several 3D software such as 3Ds Max and Maya to create 3d Models of the molecules

Sample Video

2. Animations

Different techniques such as keyframing, or camera animation are used to create compelling movements that help the viewer see each molecule from several angles.

Sample Video
Sample Video

3. Augmented Reality (AR)

Our custom designed AR app has the potential to create a significant impact in the field of chemistry education with a possible expansion into other educational fields.

Sample Video

4. Virtual Reality (VR)

Using Virtual Reality (VR), students can learn about a subject by living it. This technology allows students to understand how things work based on practical experience.

Sample Video
Sample Video

About Us

Dr. Maryam Abdinejad

Maryam is specialized in synthesis of organic and bio-organic molecules with various applications. Aside from being a successful scientist, she is also an inspiring teacher. After years of teaching at various universities, she has developed and successfully implemented dynamic visualization techniques like 3D Animation, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to enhance students’ learning. These tools help students overcome some of the most challenging aspects of organic chemistry such as visualizing the spatial orientation of chemical structures and understanding reaction mechanisms.

H. Sam Qorbani

Sam is a digital media designer experienced in UX research and design, digital strategy and interaction design. He is specialized in 3D visualization (architectural, technical and science). Sam has been actively involved in the field of digital media research, design, and development for the last ten years. His recent accomplishments include creating augmented reality (AR) exhibits and apps for a local museum. Sam is also a graduate student in Digital Media at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. His research focus is on the AR/VR/XR application in STEM education. Sam considers himself a user advocate with the main focus on the user and human-centered design principles.

Dr. Shadi Dalili

Dr. Shadi Dalili is an Associate Professor, Teaching Stream at the University of Toronto Scarborough. She is collaborating with Dr. Abdinejad on developing 3D animations and Augmented Reality (AR) to teach complex organic chemistry concepts. She has helped obtain funding through the ITIF (Instructional Technology and Innovation Fund) allowing us to develop the iOS version of ARchemy. Dr. Dalili uses ARchemy for teaching molecular visualization in her 2nd year and 4th year undergraduate courses

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